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3 Technologies Criminal Defense Lawyers Can’t Go Without

Technology increasingly rules our lives – what did we do before smartphones? – and criminal defense attorneys are especially reliant on tech that helps them defend clients. Keep in mind that jurors, and even defendants, are becoming more and more tech-oriented. The top of technology necessary also depends upon the nature of the crime. Every […]


What is the Difference Between a Criminal Defense Lawyer and a Trial Lawyer?

In the United States, licensed lawyers all have the right to plead in court. That doesn’t mean criminal defense lawyers and trial lawyers are interchangeable. The latter feel comfortable with appearing in court, and that is the primary part of his or her practice.     Criminal defense lawyers represent those accused of crimes. They […]


How Is Mental Health and Criminal Law Handled in Maryland?

Attorneys often realize that clients arrested and charged with a criminal offense may suffer from mental illness. Maryland does not differ from other states in that many mentally ill people are put in jail rather than in hospitals, where they can receive proper treatment. It does differ from all but four other states in that […]

baltimore riot protest for freddie gray

Baltimore Riots: The Legal Implications

Recently, the country has been in an uproar over the relationship between police officers and the African American community.  Numerous controversies have occurred around the country where black suspects have died in the custody of police.  For obvious reasons, this has set both communities on edge and has posed a serious public safety issue.  In […]

Sobriety Checkpoint

Know Your Rights: DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge in every state across the country, including Maryland. Some drivers are pulled over and arrested for a DUI when they have not had any alcohol at all; others have had very little to drink, but have had enough to cause suspicion. According to FBI arrest statistics, […]


Arrest Process and Release

If you are arrested by the police, then you will go through what is known as the arrest process. These are the steps in which police officers take before, during, and after placing you under arrest. Sometimes steps are skipped or performed incorrectly, which may be the basis of a legal challenge to suppress evidence […]

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