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Our Philosophy

We are a law firm comprised of trial attorneys in Anne Arundel County who passionately strive to advance our clients’ cases to the fullest extent allowed by law. We take our jobs and responsibilities very seriously and strive to provide the most vigorous and professional service possible. We are active Maryland lawyers who practice and take pride in our craft. When you hire Blackford & Flohr, you hire partners who will be with you through every step of your case.

We believe that each case is an opportunity. Many of our clients come to us with a case that is just the tip of the iceberg. We make every effort, particularly in criminal and DUI cases, to incorporate the services of health professionals to ensure that we help our clients as people, not just as cases. A big win for us is not just to secure our clients a good result, but to help them make positive changes for the future of their companies or themselves.

We are not your typical Maryland law firm. We have found that our attorneys are able to provide better services when we allow them to cultivate their interests and stay passionate in their work. We also maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the office, as much for ourselves as due to repeated client requests. Consequently, on days when we are not scheduled for a court appearance, you will find us at your initial consultation wearing casual clothes and, frequently, you will find a dog or two laying about the office, just waiting for some attention.

Community Service

We believe that attorneys in Anne Arundel County should not only adhere to the highest standards of conduct but also provide top–quality legal services to the disadvantaged among us. Therefore, we devote a considerable amount of our time every year to assisting countless people and organizations achieve justice for minimal or no compensation. As a member of Civil Justice, Inc., Blackford & Flohr is committed to public service and searching for new ways to help and reach the legally underrepresented in our community. Moreover, our lawyers are active in their communities throughout Maryland & Anne Arundel County, devoting hours to church, schools, and other community causes.


We understand the importance of your case as well as the importance of working together with our clients to achieve justice while providing a cost–effective solution. However, due to our attorneys’ talents, advocacy skills and experience (in addition to the costs of running a business), we are not cheap; nonetheless, we make every effort to limit our costs so we do not pass them on to you.

It is the firm’s policy is to charge consultation fees for most cases. The reason for this is to ensure that our clients are as serious about us, our time and their case as we are. Our fee arrangements will be discussed after consultation.

Blackford & Flohr’s Statement of Principles

Blackford & Flohr promises to meet the evolving legal needs of the community by providing the highest quality legal services with uncompromising ethical standards. The goals of Blackford & Flohr, its attorneys in Anne Arundel County and its staff are to:

  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all facets of the practice
  • Meet or exceed every client’s expectations for passionate, professional effective, efficient, and economical legal services
  • Work with our clients to build healthy foundations to ensure a long-term relationship
  • Always strive to learn new and better ways to serve or clients and communities Blackford & Flohr shall seek out and participate in opportunities to expand our knowledge of the law and capacity to deliver legal services
  • Maintain the highest standards of civility and professionalism; Blackford & Flohr shall treat all persons with respect and dignity
  • Maintain the positive, professional atmosphere and esprit de corps enjoyed by the firm
  • Recognize that the financial stability of the firm is essential for our ability to continue to serve our clients and that our time and advice is our stock in trade

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