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Blackford & Flohr is a highly respected law firm in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, providing experienced and compassionate legal representation to clients in a wide range of practice areas. Our team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate complex legal issues and achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

At Blackford & Flohr, we understand that legal matters can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we work closely with our clients to provide personalized and compassionate support throughout every stage of the legal process. Our Anne Arundel County attorneys have a deep understanding of the law and use their knowledge and experience to develop effective legal strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client.

We offer a wide range of legal services, including:
  • Criminal Defense: Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients against a variety of criminal charges, from DUI and drug offenses to violent crimes and white-collar crimes. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and ensuring that they receive fair treatment under the law.

  • Family Law: We provide comprehensive family law services, including divorce, child custody, child support, and adoption. Our attorneys understand the emotional and financial challenges that come with family law matters, and we work tirelessly to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

  • Personal Injury: If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. We have a proven track record of success in personal injury cases and are committed to fighting for our clients’ rights.

  • Estate Planning: Our attorneys can help you create an estate plan that reflects your wishes and protects your assets. We can assist with drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents.

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