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What are the Three New House/Senate Bills for Anne Arundel, Maryland?

Since news outlets usually focus on international and national matters, it’s easy for new legislation on the county level to receive less attention than it deserves. In 2016, Governor Larry Hogan signed 106 bills into law, three of which specifically affect Anne Arundel county government.   Senate Bill 47   Sponsored by Senator Bryan Simonaire, […]


How Maryland’s New Tough Equal Pay for Equal Work Law Impacts Businesses

    During the 2016 Legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly passed the “Equal Pay for Equal Work” bill with a 103-33 vote in the House of Delegates and 32-13 vote in the Senate. This bill was pushed by many liberal leaning groups including the Maryland affiliate of the Working Families Party. Last month, Governor […]


How Donald Trump’s Presidency May Impact Estates

The 2016 Presidential campaign had varying proposals from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in many different areas. One area with the most pronounced differences between the two was on estates. When looking a policy around estate related issues, taxation typically is the most heated topic. On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton proposed a 65% […]

Inheritance tax written on a paper. Financial concept.

Tax on Inheritance in Maryland: How to Deal With It

Maryland is one of just two states imposing both an estate and inheritance tax. The other is nearby New Jersey. You do not have to worry about the latter tax if you inherit money from your spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, or step parents. Property left to charity is also not subject to inheritance tax. However, […]

person arrested for DUI

Noah’s Law and its Effect on People With DUI’s

Maryland has incurred a great deal of legislation pertaining to DUI law. Although Maryland has a very reliable method of public transportation conveniently connected to Washington D.C.’s metro, many citizens of the state still drive. As a result of this, Maryland has had several incidences of DUI’s that they have driven legislators to create new […]

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