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Settling An Estate? Turn To Us For Probate Administration/Litigation Advice

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It is difficult to deal with our grief when a loved one dies. Our emotional struggles may be compounded by financial and legal stress if we are responsible for overseeing their estate. Probate law in Maryland can be difficult to understand for laypeople and lawyers alike, but William Blackford and the Law Office of Blackford & Flohr in Severna Park, Maryland are here to help you and if you have been named an executor of someone’s estate, you may be fielding requests from creditors, heirs and other parties.


At Blackford & Flohr, based in Annapolis, Maryland, we aid our clients in completing the probate process efficiently. We can help you deal with contentious situations through litigation, and offer advice for the quick and fair disposition of the estate. Similarly, if your loved one was taken advantage of during their lives or if there is any irregularity in the Last Will And Testament or any other financial chicanery, our lawyers have handled sophisticated estate and probate litigation throughout Maryland.


Does An Estate With A Will Need To Go Through Probate?


Yes, estates with a valid will still need to go through the probate process. The Maryland Probate Law and the Probate or the rules governing administration of estates spell out the process for probating a will:

  1. The will is submitted to a probate court
  2. The probate court officially designates an executor
  3. The executor gathers the estate assets
  4. Heirs and creditors are notified
  5. The estate’s debts are paid
  6. An accounting of the estate is filed with the court
  7. The estate’s money and assets are distributed according to the terms of the will


Depending on your individual situation, you may face challenges to the terms of the will by unsatisfied heirs or creditors, need to sell real estate or resolve legal claims that are pending against the estate. An attorney from our firm can review your case and provide you with action steps for dealing with any probate litigation challenges.


We Can Make The Probate Process Easier


Even if you are an executor of a fairly simple estate, having an experienced estate planning lawyer by your side can make the entire process less overwhelming. Our firm’s attorneys have worked with estates of all sizes and levels of complexity. We do the difficult work for you, leaving you to focus on ensuring your loved one’s wishes are carried out as they had intended.


Contact Us Today For Probate Help


Your search for a Severna Park probate administration lawyer is over. Call us at 410-647-6677, or email Mr. Blackford at [email protected]