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hire lawyer for will

Why is Hiring a Lawyer Better for Writing a Will Than Using Online Software?

The first, and most essential, step in estate planning is composing a will. Your last will and testament let you decide who receives your worldly goods once you die. Think of it as the ultimate financial planning document. Failure to leave a will means your estate falls under Maryland’s law of intestate succession, and your […]

information update on new maryland law anne arundel county

What are the Three New House/Senate Bills for Anne Arundel, Maryland?

Since news outlets usually focus on international and national matters, it’s easy for new legislation on the county level to receive less attention than it deserves. In 2016, Governor Larry Hogan signed 106 bills into law, three of which specifically affect Anne Arundel county government.   Senate Bill 47   Sponsored by Senator Bryan Simonaire, […]

judge's gavel maryland criminal sentence bf law

What is the Process for Sentence Modification in Maryland?

In October, many of the provisions of the Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA) take effect. This extensive revision of Maryland criminal law means that certain mandatory minimum drug sentences may qualify for a retroactive reduction. The JRA “eliminates mandatory minimums for controlled dangerous substances felonies.” It also permits felony drug offenders – although not those considered […]

gears turning in the brain mental health crime bf law md

How Is Mental Health and Criminal Law Handled in Maryland?

Attorneys often realize that clients arrested and charged with a criminal offense may suffer from mental illness. Maryland does not differ from other states in that many mentally ill people are put in jail rather than in hospitals, where they can receive proper treatment. It does differ from all but four other states in that […]

estate planning word scramble bf law

How Donald Trump’s Presidency May Impact Estates

The 2016 Presidential campaign had varying proposals from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in many different areas. One area with the most pronounced differences between the two was on estates. When looking a policy around estate related issues, taxation typically is the most heated topic. On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton proposed a 65% […]

Prepared to be signed by a notary public power of attorney

How to Establish Power of Attorney for Medical Emergencies

Power of Attorney Emergencies strike out of nowhere. If a person is so badly injured or sick that he or she cannot make medical decisions, an individual with a power of attorney can perform these duties. In Maryland, separate documents are required for healthcare and financial power of attorney. The former document for health care […]

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Living Trust Letter

Creating a Living Trust in Maryland

People are increasingly turning to living trusts because of the flexibility of these estate planning tools. Also known as inter vivos trusts, a living trust permits you to place your assets in the trust while still controlling the property during your lifetime. The trust owns any assets placed in it. However, you can name yourself as the […]

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