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What is the Process for Sentence Modification in Maryland?

In October, many of the provisions of the Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA) take effect. This extensive revision of Maryland criminal law means that certain mandatory minimum drug sentences may qualify for a retroactive reduction. The JRA “eliminates mandatory minimums for controlled dangerous substances felonies.” It also permits felony drug offenders – although not those considered […]


Maryland Sex Offenders in the Digital Age

We live in the digital age. The modern workplace mandates use of the internet. Life completely offline isn’t feasible for most people, and that includes Maryland’s approximately 8,000 convicted sex offenders. Sex offender rights include some forms of internet access, albeit with monitoring by law enforcement and prompt reporting by the offender of any change […]


How Is Mental Health and Criminal Law Handled in Maryland?

Attorneys often realize that clients arrested and charged with a criminal offense may suffer from mental illness. Maryland does not differ from other states in that many mentally ill people are put in jail rather than in hospitals, where they can receive proper treatment. It does differ from all but four other states in that […]


How Donald Trump’s Presidency May Impact Estates

The 2016 Presidential campaign had varying proposals from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in many different areas. One area with the most pronounced differences between the two was on estates. When looking a policy around estate related issues, taxation typically is the most heated topic. On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton proposed a 65% […]

person arrested for DUI

Noah’s Law and its Effect on People With DUI’s

Maryland has incurred a great deal of legislation pertaining to DUI law. Although Maryland has a very reliable method of public transportation conveniently connected to Washington D.C.’s metro, many citizens of the state still drive. As a result of this, Maryland has had several incidences of DUI’s that they have driven legislators to create new […]

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package of drug contraband

Constructive Possession of Contraband

Constructive possession of contraband is different from simple possession. Contraband can be anything from drugs to firearms, and determining if someone possesses the contraband can be difficult. For instance, if the defendant is in a house that contains contraband, are they guilty of possession, even if the contraband isn’t theirs? It is difficult to determine […]

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