Towson Attorney

Proudly serving as a general practice and a Towson criminal defense attorney, William (“Bill”) Blackford is a Maryland lawyer who provides his legal services to Towson and surrounding regions.

Towson, MD is a city known for its attorneys, and it is not difficult to find a criminal defense lawyer. However, finding a criminal defense attorney who will give well-rounded advice, a strong criminal defense, and passionately fight for you and your family can be difficult. Bill Blackford understands that law begins with the client and looks forward to being your representative.

A resident of Towson, Maryland, William Blackford is a criminal defense attorney and general practice lawyer who knows the area, including its lawyers, judges and legal processes. With experience in a wide range of areas of legal representation, Bill can offer you the confidence of having an experienced general, family law, or criminal defense attorney.

William Blackford is focused on providing general, family, and criminal defense services in the area. He serves as the following:

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