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Small Business Lawyer

Litigation & Support


As a small business itself, Blackford & Flohr provide a small business lawyer in Maryland who is sensitive to the multitude of responsibilities, both practical and legal, that your small business is expected to fulfill. Most importantly, you need to make sure that your small business has an advocate and lawyer in your corner to ensure that your small business is protected and legally healthy; equally important, you need a small business lawyer who is aware of your “bottom-line” and works with you to limit unnecessary or improvident legal costs. Blackford & Flohr provide a small business lawyer in Maryland who prides themself on giving excellent, professional advice to small business owners in a practical and cost-efficient manner, in all of the following areas and more:



Though the particular small business can vary dramatically, most small businesses in Maryland are faced with similar issues. What are the advantages or disadvantages to forming a corporation rather than a limited liability company? What are the advantages or disadvantages to my commercial lease in Maryland? How should I handle the hire or discharge of employees? What contractual provisions are necessary to make sure my Maryland business is fully protected? How can I collect money that my business is owed?


A good Maryland business attorney should be able to provide you quality answers to these questions; however, a truly great business lawyer and counselor will work with you to best achieve your goals to help your Maryland business continue to grow. Fundamentally, you need to form a business in Maryland and identify what documentation you will use to protect your business. Contracts are important and a well-written one, specific to your particular business, can help you avoid future legal costs as well as allow you to get lawyer fees and other costs if someone breaches your contract.


Blackford & Flohr provides a business lawyer who is committed to your goals and who helps you avoid the pitfalls and perils of running a small business.



Blackford & Flohr are Severna Park lawyers who are experienced and familiar with the dispute resolution process both in and out of court. Whether performing pre-dispute negotiations, mediation, arbitration or full-fledged litigation, Blackford & Flohr provides a business lawyer who is focused on your individual goals and objectives.



The potential rewards of running a business are big; however, the potential liability may be equally large. Therefore, you need a business lawyer to work with you both to anticipate potential risks as well as to help you through the legal process if your business is sued. Whether you need to mount a vigorous, full defense of a claim or perform damage control, you can rely on a Blackford & Flohr lawyer to be in your corner 100% and to work toward a fast, cost-effective solution.


Please contact us regarding legal representation. Although we provide local services and a Bowie Maryland attorney, we also represent Mayland and its many counties and cities. Also providing a Towson criminal defense attorney for the Towson area.