Maryland Adoption Attorney

Adoption can be a highly emotional subject, whether you are a parent considering putting your child up for adoption or a potential parent looking to expand your family. It is important to have an adoption attorney who can ensure you are aware of your rights and make the process as smooth as possible. Aside from the legal considerations, emotional ones are also important. That’s why the assistance of an experienced Maryland adoption attorney is critical.

Here at Blackford & Flohr, we have extensive experience in family, and specifically adoption, law. We are based in Severna Park, MD, and have helped families throughout Maryland with the adoption process. Call us today to discuss your MD adoption case: (410) 647-6677.

We can help with the following situations:

  • Parent placements
    • Adoption matching
    • Domestic adoptions
    • Interstate adoptions
    • International adoptions
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • Relative adoptions
  • Foster care placements
  • LGBTQ adoption options
  • Contested adoptions
  • Carries and surrogates
  • Embryo and egg donation
  • Trust and estate planning for new families
  • Expert witness services

If you would like to learn more about potential adoption options and the basics of adoption law, feel free to check out these resources:

Building Your Family

Child Welfare Gateway

If you need help with your Maryland adoption case today, please email us or call us at (410) 647-6677.  A Maryland adoption attorney with Blackford & Flohr will provide a free, no-obligation consultation.