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Contract Disputes & Contract Drafting


Blackford & Flohr offers contract disputes and contract drafting services for Maryland businesses and individuals. One of the most popular reasons for business lawsuits is a contract dispute. As Maryland attorneys with experience in business law, we understand what should go into a contract and what shouldn’t. In many cases, a contract is hastily drawn up and results in numerous loopholes and broad terms. In these cases, an attorney is highly valuable.


Contract Disputes


contract dispute

Although you should always review your contract before signing it, you may fall into an unfortunate contract dispute. In business law, everything comes down to what terms you both agreed upon initially. As time goes by, these terms may be violated either accidentally or on purpose and a dispute could arise. Whether you drafted it or signed it, you will need an experienced attorney to review your case and the contract itself.


When the signer breaks the terms of the contract it is called a “breach of contract” and in some cases this can be devastating to you and your business. The contract will outline exactly what this breach entails and the consequences of breaching the contract. In many cases, an inexperienced lawyer may have written the contract without consideration for their wording in what constitutes a breach of contract. We understand how contracts should be written so we know exactly what to look for when in a dispute.


Contract Drafting


contract drafting

Blackford & Flohr also provide contract drafting services. Drawing up a contract is a very detailed service that not any lawyer can do. We have an eye for detail and understand what to look for during a dispute. This skill provides us with the ability to draw up clear and specific contracts. Negotiations can then take place on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, another lawyer will dispute wording in a contract, in which case you’ll need a lawyer on your side to understand what and why they are requesting this change.


Business law is one of the most complex types of law. Don’t let the other party take advantage of you. Hire an experienced contract attorney to look over your contract with you.


Whether you are an individual or a business in need of a contract attorney, contact Blackford & Flohr today for a consultation by Web or by phone at 410-647-6677.