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Bill Blackford is the lawyer you want, posted by Catherine

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When, as a healthcare professional, I had trouble finding a lawyer to help me fight a subpoena that inappropriately (I thought) demanded a patient's private medical/mental health records, Bill Blackford took the case, did his research, and successfully helped me to fight the subpoena so that I could protect my patient's privacy, as I am ethically bound to do. Since then, he has assisted me with other similar subpoena cases and has provided other legal advice related to my healthcare practice. He accepted payment directly from my professional liability insurer, which was very convenient for me. I would like to point out that Mr. Blackford took my initial case although it was not an area of specialty for him, but since I could not find another attorney willing to help, Mr. Blackford kindly stepped in. He was not deterred by the fact that he had to do some research; he researched related case law and shared that research with me, and considered the case from various angles; as a result I received excellent and customized service from him. In addition, he was responsive and reachable when needed, and stayed comfortably ahead of deadlines so that we had plenty of time to communicate when decisions needed to be made. If you have a challenging or unusual legal problem, I highly recommend Mr. Blackford. He continues to impress me as being smarter, more motivated, and willing to work harder than the average lawyer. Moreover, he is caring and personable, and is passionate about his work.


  • I recommend William Blackford.
  • I hired William 6-12 months ago.
  • William handled my Health Care matter.


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