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Lawyer in Parkville, MD

While our Parkville, MD law firm focuses on various areas of practice, a commitment to protecting our clients’ rights and seeking justice unites our diverse legal fields. Come to us if you are arrested, faced with a landlord-tenant problem, the victim of medical malpractice or have other legal needs. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to our clients and will fight for you.


Landlord Tenant Issues


Landlord-tenant disputes are far too common, and it is crucial that both sides know their legal rights when such controversies arise. Before issues become too heated, it is wise to contact a skilled landlord-tenant lawyer.


The lease is the key to many landlord-tenant disputes. However, no lease may contain provisions denying tenants certain rights. A landlord cannot:


  • Terminate the lease with less than 30 days notice
  • Evict a tenant or take their personal possessions without a court judgment
  • Charge more than two months’ rent as a security deposit
  • Impose late rental fees of more than 5 percent of the amount owed


While written leases are preferable, Maryland permits oral leases for terms under one year under certain conditions. A landlord owning more than five rental units in the state cannot permit a tenant to live in a unit without a written lease. The rental amount and other agreements made orally may cause a breach in the landlord-tenant relationship, requiring legal intervention.


When a tenant leaves a rental unit, the security deposit often becomes a matter of dispute. Within 45 days after the tenant’s end, the landlord must return the security deposit, with interest, to the tenant. There are legitimate reasons for a landlord not to return all or part of a security deposit, such as damage to the unit beyond normal wear-and-tear. However, the landlord must present a list of all such damages to the tenant within a specified period. The state allows tenants to sue the landlord for up to three times the security deposit amount, along with attorney fees.


Medical Malpractice


Even the most routine medical procedures can go awry, resulting in serious and permanent consequences for the victim. Besides pain and disability, the victim may no longer work or perform the normal functions of daily life. In Maryland, medical malpractice claims are subject to strict statutes of limitations, although the time limits are longer than in many other states. A claimant must file suit within five years of the date of the alleged medical malpractice incident, or within three years of the date the injury was discovered. Often, a medical malpractice injury is obvious immediately after surgery or other medical treatment, but in some situations, it may take time to trace the injury to the original treatment. For example, a medical malpractice victim may discover that later health issues are caused by a piece of equipment left behind in their body during a previous procedure. For children under the age of 11 when the malpractice incident occurred, the statute of limitations clock starts ticking when they reach age 11.


A medical malpractice attorney obtains hospital and other medical records relating to the case, and hires medical experts to review the material. Medical malpractice may result from negligence, failure to follow established standards of care, and relatively straightforward misdiagnoses. Money cannot restore health, but it can provide a better standard of living and care for a victim of medical malpractice. We work aggressively for you to get the compensation you deserve.


Criminal Law


If you or a loved one is arrested on a criminal charge, you need to seek the help of an MD criminal law attorney immediately. Beyond the possible fines and jail time you face, a criminal conviction can impact your life for years to come. You may lose a job, housing, and educational opportunities even if you are not incarcerated. Do not speak to the police before engaging the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney.   


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