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Maryland Construction Law

& Homeowner Disputes

Construction law litigation for Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, MD and Washington DC areas

The construction industry is renowned for the number and variety of disputes that arise in the normal course of the construction business, and many issues should be represented by construction lawyers. Subcontractors and general contractors want to be paid in a timely manner for their work because for most contractors, maintaining a dependable cash flow is the lifeblood of their business. However, owners and construction managers have a right and/or duty to get a quality product free from defects, built according to specifications, and without unreasonable delay. These competing interests often throw parties into heated disputes over additional expenses, project scheduling, engineering changes, and other contractual issues.


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A Blackford and Flohr construction attorney is well-versed on private and government and Maryland contractual matters, including Mechanics’ Lien claims, Bid protests, Miller Act claims, Little Miller Act claims, Prompt Payment claims, as well as contract claims before various State and Federal Boards of Contract Appeals.


No matter whether you are a small or large Maryland construction operation, you can benefit from our experience in the following areas:



Standard industry documentation is essential to protect your Maryland company from the numerous pitfalls in the industry. Our Maryland construction lawyers draft and negotiate contracts and counsel clients on the impact of the key provisions that may affect their exposure and risk tolerance.



Public bidding on projects is a complex and potentially dangerous process. Our construction attorneys are available to advise on matters relating to the bidding and award of public projects, bid protests due to irregularities in the process or other problems with the award and/or denial of public project contracts.



When contracts and original project schedules are written, they provide an idyllic vision of how the project will be accomplished. However, real life and contract provisions are often at odds. Our Maryland lawyers provide strategic guidance for claims that frequently arise throughout construction, such as delay or loss of productivity. The delay, disruption and acceleration claims process is complex and we are ready to assist you to make sure you get the money you deserve.



You deserve deserve the money you earned as soon as possible. Our attorneys understand the importance of getting you the money that you have already earned. Therefore, our construction attorneys are versed in mechanic’s lien and surety law, providing counsel to maintain or defend against such actions.



Early decisions by the surety in the midst of a crisis are often the most critical. This technical and specialized area of the law involves not only the issues which arise on construction projects, but also those that originate from written instruments associated with the bonding relationship. Challenges from a failing contractor must be approached with both legal and business acumen. Our knowledge of the construction industry equips Blackford & Flohr to assess problems quickly and assist in the tactical moves that can make the difference between an unfavorable takeover and a successfully completed project.


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Please contact us regarding local legal representation. We serve Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and the entire Baltimore and DC metropolitan area.