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Lead Poisoning Attorney in Maryland


Lead-based paint was widely used in homes and buildings in Baltimore and Maryland prior to 1978. In properties built before 1978 that have not been properly maintained, the risk of lead exposure and lead poisoning are heightened. Without proper maintenance, lead paint can chip off walls. When ingested, paint chips are a leading cause of lead poisoning among children.

Exposure to lead-based paint can have long-lasting health consequences for children.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, lead poisoning in children can cause behavior disorders like ADHA, learning disorders, headaches and hearing problems, among other issues. Lead poisoning can also impact adults, resulting in digestive and nerve disorders, chronic pain, and more.

Lawsuits can be brought against landlords and property owners who have failed to maintain rental or commercial properties.

If your child or a family member has been diagnosed with lead exposure after living in a rental property, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Maryland lead paint attorneys at Blackford & Flohr today to discuss your case free of charge:

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Maryland Lead Poisoning Cases

Lead paint was not banned in the U.S. until 1978, and therefore, children and families living in rental properties built before 1978, especially those that have not been maintained, may be at risk for lead exposure.

Although measures have been taken to reduce childhood lead poisoning in Maryland, it remains a serious problem statewide. In fact, almost 5,000 children have tested positive for elevated lead levels in the last decade, and many more may be affected. Lead poisoning is especially prevalent in Baltimore, where exposure rates among children are three times the national average.

Landlords are required by Maryland law to protect tenants from lead-paint exposure, by maintaining properties, registering their affected properties with the state, and reducing exposure risks. If a landlord is negligent in maintaining toxic lead paint, they may be liable for damages.


How We Can Help You

In Maryland, lead paint cases can be filed by parents or young adults between the ages of 18-21, who were exposed early in life. Often, diagnosis is not determined until years after the fact, but under Maryland lead paint law, victims have until 21 years old to file a claim.

If you believe you have a case, our team can help. Blackford & Flohr has expertise in Maryland lead paint law and have successfully won settlements for clients in the past.

We approach each lead paint case in a similar manner: Our team will investigate your claim and determine the best course of legal action. We strongly advocate on your behalf against negligent landlords and property managers, and we utilize highly trained lead paint experts and doctors to help develop the strongest case possible for our clients.  

If your child or family member has tested positive for lead exposure, Blackford & Flohr has the courtroom experience to win you compensation. Contact us today to discuss your case FREE of charge.