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Criminal Lawyers in Essex, MD


If you have been arrested, you need a criminal defense attorney, and you need one quickly. That is not an issue up for discussion, but you should choose an experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with the local and state court system.


Essex Criminal Law


If you are arrested, keep in mind that the prosecution has considerable resources available. A criminal defense attorney with knowledge and a record of creating strong arguments is your best resource.  


A criminal conviction might mean jail and/or substantial fines. In many cases, such a conviction may result in probation, but it is still a conviction. Even if you don’t face the worst-case scenario of incarceration, you may still lose your professional license or have a hard time finding employment. Financial aid for student loans is affected; so is the potential for borrow money for a house or car. A criminal defense attorney works aggressively in a client’s defense for the best possible outcome.


A DUI arrest is a criminal arrest. A conviction shares many of the consequences of other types of criminal arrests, including possible jail time and hefty fines. You also face revocation of your driver’s license or installation of an ignition interlock device. Such a conviction can change your life forever, long after the fines are paid and the interlock is gone. A DUI conviction can affect child custody or your security clearance. Because the process moves quickly, time is of the essence when hiring a DUI lawyer.


In Maryland, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration and driving while impaired is 0.08 percent. However, a person under the age of 21 with any alcohol in their system is automatically prohibited from operating a vehicle. Skilled DUI lawyers use the tools available to defend their client, including field sobriety test administration, breathalyzer functionality and other instances particular to a case.


Family Law in Essex, MD


Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina famously begins: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” No matter the reason you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you have a unique situation regarding your family, custody and financial assets. Our clients are treated with compassion while receiving the first-rate legal representation they deserve.


If you’re facing divorce, you need more than a firm shoulder to lean on. You need an experienced family law attorney to represent you and protect your interests. Even if you and your spouse think you have come to a “fair” agreement between yourselves as to the distribution of marital assets, it may turn out the arrangement is not fair to you at all. A divorce lawyer in MD can negotiate an equitable settlement for you.


A family law attorney’s practice involves more than just divorce. Couples considering matrimony, especially those with children from previous relationships, can benefit from a prenuptial agreement. These documents aren’t “unromantic” – in fact, knowing that certain assets are protected via a pre-nup helps both spouses feel more secure. Couples may also sign postnuptial agreements after marriage, whether to clarify financial arrangements or deal with tax or debt issues. Neither a pre-nup nor a post-nup has any effect on child custody if there is eventual divorce.


Maryland family law attorneys also deal with adoption, guardianships and other issues that do not deal with divorce.


Free Consultation Lawyers in Essex, MD


If you or a loved one has been arrested, you need the services of an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer. If you going through a separation, divorce, child custody issue or another family issue, you require the services of a skilled Maryland family law attorney. Contact our Essex office for a free consultation in either circumstance.